Mission & Vision

Offers you a brighter futureā€¦.


Being trusted and well recognized company nationally and internationally to place the world class Indonesian professional workforces, particularly nurses, in 2015


  • Having efficient and effective management of company for the placement of Indonesian professional workforces.
  • Establishment of good governance and professional management of company.
  • Establishment of wide world mutual-beneficial collaborations and networking.


  • To collaborate with training and educational institutions both here and abroad
  • To implement training and apprenticeship programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of Indonesian employees and to match them with the requirements of domestic and global markets
  • To enter into linkages with other placement agencies
  • To provide placement services to enable Indonesian workers to find gainful,meaningful employment at home and abroad
  • To coordinate with the companies in the group for development and empowerment of its most important asset, its human resources