We have designed this section to assist you in your decision to form cooperation with us in providing your organizational staffing needs. Here is a selection of the frequently asked questions, with their corresponding brief responses that summarizes the information found on our website.

If you cannot find the answer to your query, one of the Customer Sales Team will be pleased to help you. See our CONTACT US page.

1.    Who is PT Millenium Muda Mandiri?

PT Millenium Muda Mandiri (MMM) is recruitment and consulting company that specializes in placement of Indonesian skilled workers abroad. It is a part of group of companies whose core businesses include; shipping, construction, property, trading, certification, financial, media and printing and catering services. MMM  is dedicated to give our fellow Indonesian not only a greater chance to share their capabilities and talents by working in different fields where their qualifications are best suited but also to earn and be well-compensated.

2.    What are the procedures for placement?

  • Receipt of agreement and terms and conditions from clients
  • Original demand letter from clients (attested by Indonesian General Consulate in country of destination)
  • Scouting and recruiting of candidates
  • Initial screening and interview of candidates by MMM
  • Interview of candidate by the clients
  • Medical examination of the candidate
  • Contract signing between client and candidate
  • Passport and VISA processing
  • Candidate deployment

3.    What are responsibilities of MMM?

  • Scouting, recruiting and selecting candidates
  • Arrange candidates’ interview with the client
  • Assist in candidates’ medical examination
  • Arrange signing contract between candidate and client
  • Assist in passport and VISA processing
  • Implement pre-departure briefing for candidates

4.    What are responsibilities of client/ end user?

  • Providing VISA, return ticket, medical insurance, accommodation, meals and transportation for candidates (and other as stated in Destination Country Labor Law).
  • Recruitment fee for the Agent depending on terms and conditions stated in the agreement.

5.    What are responsibilities of the candidates?

  • Provide and complete all required documents
  • Interview with MMM and Client
  • Medical examination
  • Pay for government fees
  • Attend pre-departure briefing

6.    If candidates’ contract is terminated before the stated period, what is MMM’s responsibility on this matter?

Should the engagement be terminated within 90 (ninety) days either by candidate or by the client by the reason of unsuitability of the applicant for the job for which the candidate is employed, MMM will replace the candidate at no extra cost. One way ticket will be provided by MMM.

7.    What databases does MMM have?

Hospitality, healthcare and medical, Engineering: Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Power Plant, & Construction, and retail.

8.    How long is the contract with the client?

Depends on the client or case to case basis.